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18-20 XII: Relations across the First Cataract: movement of people, ideas, goods, skills and craftsmanship (6th –15th century)


Wednesday 18.12, National Museum in Warsaw

16.00–18.00: Tour in the Faras Gallery of the National Museum in Warsaw

guided by Dobrochna Zielińska and Adam Łajtar


18.00–19.30: Public lecture

Jacques van der Vliet. Nubia in Christian Africa

(cinema room of the National Museum in Warsaw)


Thursday 19.12, University of Warsaw, Institute of Archaeology, Room 210

9.00–9.10: Gertrud van Loon: Introductory remarks.


Session I: Movement of people (9.10–11.10)

9.10–9.40: Bruce Williams: Transport and Pilgrimage on the Middle Nile in Medieval Times from Representations of Boats at el‐Kurru, Sahaba, Sabu, Qasr el‐Wizz, and Aswan.

9.40–10.10: Stefanie Schmidt: How Aswan terracota lamps can throw some light on cross‐border networks.

10.10–10.40: Adam Łajtar: The so‐called Kudanbes inscription in Dayr Anba Hadra (7 April 1322).

10.40‐11.10: Naïm Vanthieghem and Grzegorz Ochała: Arabic Names in Old Nubian Texts from Qasr Ibrim.


Coffee break (11.10‐11.30)


Session II: Archaeology of the borderland (11.30–13.00)

11.30–12.00: Andreas Effland: From Qal'at Faraun to Qal'at al‐Babayn: Some remarks concerning fortification.

12.00–12.30: Elisabeth O'Connell: Christian Hagr Edfu: British Museum Expedition 2007‐2013.

12.30–13.00: Amandine Mérat: Textiles from Hisn al‐Bab.

Lunch break (13.00–14.30)


Session III. Textual evidence: religious literature (14.30–16.00)

14.30–15.00: Alexandros Tsakos: Religious literacy across the borders between Upper Egypt and Lower Nubia.

15.00–15.30: Lloyd Abercrombie: Nubian Manuscripts from Edfu?.

15.30–16.00: Joost Hagen: Worte zu den Bildern? The contribution of the Coptic literary texts from Qasr Ibrim.


Coffee break (16.00–16.30)


Session IV: Textual evidence: wall inscriptions, documents (16.30–18.00)

16.30–17.00: Lena Krastel: "May the God of the Spirits and the Lord of All Flesh Have Mercy on His Soul." About Selected Phrases in the Coptic Inscriptions of Deir Anba Hadra.

17.00–17.30: Jennifer Cromwell: Coptic texts from Ikhmindi.

17.30–18.00: Geoffrey Khan: Medieval Arabic documents from Qasr Ibrim.


Friday 20.12, University of Warsaw, Institute of Archaeology, Room 210

Session V: Exchange of ideas and goods (9.00–10.40)

9.00–9.40: Dobrochna Zielińska and Gertrud van Loon: The multi‐cultural sacred space. Church decoration in the First Cataract Area.

9.40–10.10: Magdalena Woźniak: Nubian fashion, Egyptian clothes ‐ Texts, iconography and archaeological evidence.

10.10–10.40: Katarzyna Danys: Exchange of goods, people and ideas in the monastic context: pottery evidence from Dayr Anba Hadra and Qasr el‐Wizz.


Coffee Break (10.40–11.00)


VI. General discussion [only speakers and invited discussants] (11.00–13.30)

Farewell lunch (13.30–14.30)